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Check out our help for disabled travellers on how to find and enjoy a day out  with our ideas and suggestions

We want to help you have a great experience on your day, and with 400 reviews already for you to read, you will see how we have tried to keep the costs down as much as possible, that we give you a lot of advice, especially about the TOILET facilities, and we have included historical notes that will keep your interest going, also points that we hope will interest you, and of course, being disabled ourselves, we will show you how you can cope with the visit, with lots of photographs we have personally taken so you will see for yourself what lies ahead on your day.

Find Help for Disabled to enjoy a day out together

Advice for those disabled with limited mobility.

Disabled Travellers need to know if a place they would like to visit supports their needs, what help is available ? Are ramps provided, is there a lift if required ?

When you need to rest, can it accommodate a scooter, giving you room to move around? Will you feel comfortable in yourself.     What are the facilities like, especially in the accessible toilets ?

Take a look at some of our 400 reviews as we guide and offer our disabled help on how to enjoy a day out together as a family.

  1.               An example of a country inn  reviewed.                                                                                    .                                                
      Check out this picturesque Cotswold Inn for a delightful visit            


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       How we help Disabled Travellers

Information well researched, interesting facts, historical notes, and a well balanced general description of what to expect on your day out together.

Euan’s Guide has thousands of reviews that can help a disabled person see what they can expect when visiting a place, and these comments and photos help us all to make the decision to visit, or leave it for now.

DISABLED TRAVELLER will provide information and advice about the help you really need to enjoy a day out together, throughly researched to give you an overall picture of the place you are considering going to see.


Using the pages at top of this website, click on a page, then Select a place you would like to consider,  AND TOUCH THE BUTTON BELOW to go there.

Reviews to help disabled

Reviews 2022

           1 to 282          Reviewed on our website

Reviews 2023

       283 to 369.         on our website 

Reviews 2024

       370  onwards.     website

How to use Disabled Travellers website to enjoy a day out together

We would like to give you as much information as possible to help you enjoy your day out, so this is how we have put our website together for you.

   Review number
        and Name

Each review has been given a number, and then the name of the attraction so enter the name “as you see it” for each place you feel would be of interest to you.

You will find our a list of our reviews when you click on the EUANS GUIDE website.

When you have clicked their website button,        on the green Disabled access information box, TYPE IN THE NAME of the venue you would like to have details about.

Then touch the “FIND”button

Now, scroll down any reviews that appear and find our DISABLED TRAVELLERS review.

(they will all start with).    “Disabled Traveller”

Our photo will always be seen to help you quickly find our review.






        Post code
      and district

The easiest way to follow our routes is by using a post code and address.

We suggest that when it’s possible, you follow your sat nav directions on your car, so enter our details as seen

Bear in mind that on some of our routes, we will be following a different route than that which your sat nav will show you to go, SO WE HAVE GIVEN YOU SATnav directions that you can follow to see far more interesting places and views as you go around the countryside.

It will mean putting the first direction in, then when reached, STOP and enter our next direction.

When we do this, it will be seen on the review we have for that particular place, so easy enough to follow. You will benefit by doing it this way.

Disabled Travellers
   own points given

The star points we give is that of our own as we give attention to how a disabled person will see a place, how practical and useful it is for someone who may have mobility issues, is it easy enough to arrive and enter the place, are there ramps to be used, how comfortable it is to get around and relax when needed, what are the accessible toilets like,does it have pull cords and a grab rail, can you get your scooter inside. Is it clean and tidy, well maintained ?

What are the facilities like, can you get drinks and food ? If needed, is there a lift ?


Its these little things that will make your trip worth while, so we offer stars as we see fit, so you can really understand how the place supports and helps a disabled person.

   Venues Website      

We personally felt it would be nice if you could see the venues own Website, which of course adds more details for you. 

So on each place visited, just a click on their Website will take you straight to their own site.

This could be so handy at times, especially if you are thinking of an overnight stay, which would allow you more time to visit other places that are close by, so we hope this added detail will be of use to you.







When you have seen their website and to return to our website just press the Yellow box “Back to results”

We are pleased to announce our sister website     

Enjoy a day

This website is aimed for all visitors, but suggest it is best used for those of us who’s children have now grown up, and we are free to do what we would like to see and do together.


This website will offer you a FULL DAY out together

All the help you will need is provided                                                 Satnav directions are given for each venue you may visit,                suggested time of arrival and departure times are offered,                

The name of each venue is of course included, with photos and notes which will help you see what to expect on your visit.


A link is given that you may click on to see their own website, 

as well as our link to “Euan’s Guide” that helps you find the reviews we have personally provided already, which you will find very helpful when you want to know more.


We feel that this site will be of real help to you to be able to



So please try our website now.


“We hope the Disabled Traveller has helped you find ideas for a day out.

Thank you for having visited our website “Enjoy a day out”

You may now return to “Help for Disabled Traveller”

But do remember to come back and see the new Day out trips we will be providing on a regular basis.

      Disabled                .Traveller

    Reviews of
   great escapes

  read the reviews on 

We want to encourage those of you with limited mobility to get out and about, and enjoy what our country offers, so don’t let your disability wear you down, there’s so much today that you can do, accessibility to so many places has greatly improved over the last few years, so come and join us.


My wife and I are very limited nowadays as regards mobility, and have to support each other in our everyday needs, but like you, we still enjoy a nice day out together, and we have learned so much over the last few years just what we can actually do together, and now, we want to share with you some of the places we have visited together.


Please find our reviews we have given EUANS GUIDE as we have tried so hard to let you know just what you can do.






Life may be very difficult for many of you with so much pain and misery you have to suffer each day, but that should not stop you getting out and about, we all need fresh air, wonderful scenery, to cheer us up at times, so we have both tried so hard to let you see just what you can go and see, find places you will remember for years to come, and we have found places that you do not have to pay out your hard earned money on, nearly everywhere we have offered you details about will cost you nothing but a little bit of petrol money and the cost of a cup of coffee, so when you get a chance check out some of the help we have provided for you through our support on Euans guide.

Please join us as we offer our grateful thanks to Euan and his team who work so hard to help us all get the best we can from life at this time, and show them how grateful we are for their help.

Motability cars for disabled


For over 17 years we have had the support of MOTABILITY and would recommend you seriously considering the support of this vital charity for disabled people.

please read the details below on what help you will receive from Motability

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